About us and online quran classes 

A lot of Muslim brothers and sisters in this planate earth want to learn Quran but the issue is they do not find a proper way to do so. Some of our brother and sister lives in those areas where teaching and gaudiness about Qurani knowledge is not possible. Today in this world of technology we can use this facility to spread the education of Islam and Quran. Many to our brothers and sisters want to learn and they do not learn it because of issues mentioned above. Here on Muhammad Quran Academy we are trying to spread the knowledge of Islam to all over the world. On Muhammad Quran Academy you can learn Quran and Islam in any part of world through you internet and a device. You can start Quran classes our  Learn Quran Academy with Tajweed by our highly qualified Online Quran Tutors . Now learning Quran in any area is not a problem.

On Muhammad Quran Academy we have a team of qualified teachers who have a lot of expertness of teaching Quran and teaching Quran in online mode. Our team is committed to spread the education of Quran and Islam to the every part of world. Our students are jioning us from all over the world to make our mission strong.  

Here on Muhammad Quran Academy you can learn from the basic knowladage of islam to the learning Quran with Tajweed and more on. Our team is consist up of male and female teachers who can teach you according from the basic to expert level. 


Learning Quran is the most beautiful thing to do. Here on Muhammad Quran acadamy we are try to help our Muslim Brother ans sisters to fullfil this beatuifull wish. In our team we have both male and female Quran Teacher who are committed to their Quran Academy work, university graduates and are highly qualified. We have our teacher from the different parts of world so they can teach Quran with proper accent and way. We have Hafiz and Hafiza too in our team who are commeted to teach Quran to their Students. If you want to fullfill your Wish of learing Quran and Islam learnings you can just jion us and leave everthing else on us we will teach you in the best way.

 What we offer?

  • 24 Hour Service:  Muhammad Quran Academy providing 24 hour service Quran Classes to our students so that students can adjust their tutorial timings according to their availability, ease and comfort.
  • Qualified Staff: Our team is consist up of Qualified Staff who have a lot of experience in this field. 
  • Online Learning Mode: As far as online teaching is concerned our teachers are experienced with the online teaching mode and they can teach as flexible mode.
  • Personal Skills: We are very much concerned about satisfaction of students so we scrutinize teachers while hiring on the basis of dedication, punctuality and competency.