Learning Quran with Tafseer is the very important because basically Tafseer mean you would know the meaning of words. So the you should come to know the massage of your creator.

As we know that the Quran is the last Holy book Of Allah that sent to Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). So we must learn Quran with Tafseer so we come to know the meaning of the Creator massage. 

If you do not learn Quran Pak with tafseer you do not come to know the original meanings of the creator massage you can not know how you have to spent your life according to your Creator way. 

About the learning Quran says:

This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah

The Holy Quran [2:2]



Here on Mohammad Quran academy we teach Quran Kareem in a proper way and method step by step. 

If you start from the very beginning then we first teach you Noorani Quida then Reading Quran then Quran with tafseer and if you want to hifaz it we will also help you and tech you.

We have Qualified staf of Male as well as female Tutors who can easily teach you in the way you want to learn, More over you can change your teacher any time.  

If you want to start with Tafseer PRE-QUALIFICATION

If you can read Quran correctly and know you learned basics of Islam. You can start Tafseer course.

You can get this Tafseer course and increase you knowledge.

 Tafseer mean learning the Quran with the proper meaning. Here in Muhammad Quran Academy we offer Online Tafsir Course. Where our Tutors teaches you learn the meaning of verses word by word, Islamic laws, the sophistic and complicated ideas through the oral display, comparison of Quran with other previously revealed scriptures, and much more. This Tafsir program, will make you able interpret any Quran verses properly with needful proofs. Learning the Quran with the Tafsir makes your faith powerful and life meaningful. We offer you the tafsir online course so you can easily know about the quran from your home.